About The Author

Joseph T. Geiger

Joe Geiger grew up on a farm outside of a small Kansas town where his grandfather had a family business. As a child, he worked both on the farm and at the business. The farm taught him how to get things done on his own, and the business taught him that successful business activities require a team effort. He holds a degree in Business Administration from the University of Denver. Over the next six decades he started many types of businesses in the retail, service, and manufacturing sectors. Some were sole proprietorships, others “S” corporations, and two were LLCs. Each had lessons to teach: some harsh, some pleasant. But he always found the game of business endlessly fascinating.

As time and experience progressed, certain Practical Business Principles took shape that seemed to apply to business situations over and over again. A few came from the University of Denver’s School of Business, but most came from observation of the recurring challenges that his various businesses presented. After his second retirement, he took a job as an Adjunct Professor at J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College in Richmond, Virginia, teaching Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management. While teaching these courses, he hit on the idea of numbering the many business solutions as Practical Business Principles in an effort to help his students understand the practical principles needed to successfully operate a business. The 101 Practical Business Principles are illustrated with real life business situations. This is not a list of theories, it is a group of essential real-world principles, tested in the fires of the unforgiving world of business. It is inconceivable that an entrepreneur, regardless of his or her experience, will not find immense use in Geiger’s principles to improve the operation of their business.