Today it is easy to spend a tens of thousands of dollars and four or more years of your time getting a degree at a College School of Business. What do your get for your money and time? Are most of the textbook authors, and classroom professors experienced business people? Was your curriculum designed by an experienced business person who had actually run a business?

Having taught college business courses at four colleges for seven years, I can tell you that few textbook authors and very few teaching professors have even worked in private enterprise, much less founded a business with their own money. And yet they are teaching students how to do something that they have never even attempted to do themselves.

I have personally founded ten businesses. I have personally written a 337 page book of 102 Business Principles developed over 55 years of entrepreneurial experience. The principles are real world, executable, principles that have helped many companies make a profit and avoid business problems. They are very specific, that are designed to solve the actual problems that are an every day part of  business operations. Such things as how to write a contract that will prevent law suits, how to write an ad for a road side sign that will actually be read, and how to systematically make good decisions and hire capable employees.