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The Author started and built Ten businesses from scratch. Now That's Experience.

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Teach Entrepreneurs How to Finance, Build, and Grow a Profit



I am a consultant who has actually started and operated ten companies. They includes 3 sales, 4 service, and 3 manufacturing companies. With experience like that I can help you develop profitable and executable plans for your business, not just a bunch of ivory tower theory.

It is one thing to give advice but it is quite another when you have to put that advice into an action and then be responsible for the consequences of your actions. Most consultants give advice but are not responsible for the consequences for the results of their advise. I have done both.



We can teach you how to write an executable business plans and Cash Flow Forecasts, whether your company is a startup or an established business.

You will learn how to take advantage of business situation and avoid pitfalls. There are many principles for buying and selling a business.

Who should write a contract and why. What are the elements of a contract and how a well written contract will keep you out of court.

Unlike a college course this is not theory. You will learn real world practical and usable principles that will make you money.



We can assist you in writing an executable business plan that incorporates a realistic Cash Flow Forecast. A forecast that will reveal the amount of cash that you will need to fund your business and equally important when you will need it. The plan will give you a three year executable road map for a new or growing business. And we will show you how to execute the plan weekly, whether you are a simple single product service business or a complex multi-product manufacturer.



I can teach you how to finance your business. Over the last 60 years I finances ten sales, service and manufacturing business of my own using bank and supplier loans or leases. I personally wrote and sold a Regulation "D" Private Placement.  I have designed start-up stock sales to finance new businesses and I have designed and run a Crowd Funding campaign.

Every business is different and may require a different approach but there is a method of financing your business



Teaching you how to design and execute an affordable and dynamic promotion - advertising plan is our specially. Our systems are not ivory tower academic dream land, but realistic plan developed from 50 years of real word experience.

Not only will we create an advertising plan for you but we will teach you how to create your own advertising plan for your future changing needs.